Friday, September 28, 2012

Babi and Barfi

Ever since Babi got a red alert from her mom saying that the baby's head has come down a little bit, she has been on bed-rest. That also put an end to all those eating outside dinners, long drives, beach-hopping, watching movies, shopping - everything. So the only chance for movie-buffs like us to catch up on the latest flicks was to wait for the torrents to arrive, and then download and see them.

The last movie we saw was Barfi. It was a decent flick. The cast acted brilliantly, but there was a lot of plagiarization - in terms of presentation, dialougues, ideas, etc. But on the whole, I think it was a decent watch. But Babi LOVED the movie. She says she could watch the flick for alteast ten more times. I wonder how. I mean, seriously?

But what amazed me in the movie is the striking resemble the character Jhilmil had with Babi when she was small. I am attaching a pic here and thus, leaving none of you to wander in your imagination. There.

I know, Babi is going to KILL ME for this one. Adios. :)

34+ Weeks

Dear hun.

So a big baby by now eh? I am amazed by how you would always respond to every time you hear my voice. How you would kick everytime I would sing to you. How you wake up from your blissful sumber everytime I touch your mommy. How do you know its daddy who is there near you? Do you really know or is it just co-incidence? Naah - it cant be that - you ALWAYS know. I wonder if you'd always be happy to be near daddy, even when you come out, and also when you grow up. Aah well, I dont want to start of with this expectations thing even before you are born. Ahahahaha. I wonder if its true what mom used to tell me , "you'll only know once you are a parent" when I used to brush her off saying she was over-emotional and worries for us beyond proportion. I am not even there yet, and yet this is how things are. Its all in the circle of life my child. Your granparents did it. I am doing it. Someday you too will do it. And if and when you do, you'll always have these letters that pappa has written for you - to check back and chuckle.

Mommy and Daddy
Meanwhile, your mommy is glowing. She gave me a fright of my life when she told me a few days back that you have not been moving for a while. I tried all the tricks I had in my kitty to wake you up, but you just dont budge. Worked up, with the worst possible thoughts popping in my head, your mom and me gave a SOS call to your granny. The moment you heard your mom and granny talk, there - a kick like never before. Strong, dominating, and totally under control. It was like you were trying to tell us to be more brave and stop acting like sissies. Lol. I think that's the worst part of being doctors and knowing the physiology of all this - only the worst possible outcomes flash into your head giving you a feeling like a stroke.

Anyways, you've been behaving well since then. And that's what matters. Mommy and I have started preparations for the big day. The day you would arrive into our arms. The day that'll be worth all the pain and discomfort and immobilisation mom went through the past 09 months. Worth it all.

As for me, well, I tried to pitch in a lot too. Trying to make mom and you as comfortable as possible. But I enjoyed every single moment of the past few months - watching you grow, knowing to respond to our voice, feeling like a dad - every bit of it.

I will stop now. More in the next letter. Till then, keep kicking my child.



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Materialistic Overdrive

The boy needs his share of indulgences right? Yes, and here is mine.

The list of things I need to buy the moment my bank savings summary reaches a decent figure.
  1. Royal Enfield Thunderbird Bike
  2. Laptop, this time its got to be Dell - still dont know which.
  3. Nikon D90 SLR
  4. Samsung s3
  5. iPad 4
Well, thats ALL for the moment in my wishlist. More, many more before I reach that monetary benchmark. Ever!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

33+ weeks

Dear Love,

Watching you grow our miracle inside you,
Makes my heart swell with pride for you,
Nobody could be a prettier mom than you,
And I hope our baby goes every bit by you.

You brighten even my darkest day,
You wash away every trace of dismay,
You make me want to live life than just exist,
Your love envelopes me like a comforting mist.

Never, nobody, nothing can replace you,
Nothing seems more meaningful to me than to say I LOVE YOU.

My Wife - My Love
I love you to live,
I live to love you.

Me. :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dad's Pregnancy Symptoms

Dearest honey-bun,

How are you doing today my baby love? By the way the mommy darlings tummy is growing, I am sure you are growing up just right. What more can make a daddy happy I wonder.

The whole world talks about mother's pregnancy symptoms and what it takes to be a mother. I agree with that because they go through a LOT through the pregnancy, and nothing in the world can match or take away the importance and privilege of being a mom. But one other person goes through a lot, atleast almost, through these nine months - the dad-to-be.
Eating, Drinking, Swelling like a raisin
For me, it wasn't that tough. I had dreamed of being here even before I got here. That's a whole other story altogether, but my point is - I've got some weird symptoms too. Ok, I know that this freaks you out as much as it freaks me out to write this to you - but there it is. Wide in the open.

Of-late I feel my tummy is increasing in size as well. I have weird symptoms like gastritis and constipation and weight gain, nausea, insomnia, and mood swings. I checked up the internet for reasons because I was too ashamed of discussing it with my friends and my colleagues who are also doctors or fathers. It seems it is called the "Sympathetic" something. Nonsense. I guess they can call it what ever they want as long as they are not going through it themselves. *****!!

Oh, sorry baby, I forgot we arent supposed to swear in front of a baby.

Anyways, that's all for now, cute bum, because I think I am getting a mood-swing already.




Thursday, September 20, 2012


We all are taught how to pray by our elders. For some it is their grandparents, sometimes godparents, but mostly, just like in my case – their parents. For me my mom taught me how to pray. Two times a day. She taught us how we needed to be thankful to God for each passing day. How to pray for the blessings we received that day and how important it was to keep praying to keep it that way for the next day. How to pray for the elders in the family and people who we know who are sick or needy. How to pray for each other in our 4 member family. And for 25 years of my life I said the same prayer. New people would get included daily, but the core group was always the same. 

Then came Babi into my life. And then she would be a major part of my prayer. I'd pray how to keep her happy. How to not do or say anything that would hurt her. How to be worthy of her unending love, daily and every moment. How to make her proud of being with me.

3 years and now what I pray for mostly and almost always is for my Babi and baby. No amount of praise or worship is enough for the kind of blessing He has showered on me and my family. I pray that Babi goes through the entire pregnancy safely and has a smooth delivery. I pray that my lil bun comes out into this world shouting in happiness and joy. I pray that the love I have for my family now grows by each passing day. I pray that my time on earth be extended so much so that when I go away from here, I know my Babi is safe with my baby and that my baby is strong enough to take care of her. If that is met, I will be ready for you my Lord, to embrace your unfailing love in Heaven - to watch over them - still - with unending awe.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baby and Love.

Dearest Cutie,

Nothing in the world today makes me more happy than to keep calling you my baby,
Nothing in the world can parallel our love in feeling you grow day-by-day my bunny,
Little sounds that you hear from the world outside your mummy's belly,
Are imperfect sounds of your daddy's lullaby.
You have gone through a lot already my lil baby bun,
And that makes me sure that one day you will shine like the sun.
When days go by and the time is fit for you to arrive,
You will change our lives with your mere presence - oh so sublime!
And time will slip away knowing and loving and caring my apple-pie,
And before we will know you'll be a big boy and the constant source of our joy.
And my heart swells to know we have been chosen to be through this,
To hold you and welcome you into this world with a tight kiss.
To nurture and love you till the time we have been given here on earth has been spent,
And to go back to tell Him how blessed we were, just to be your parent.
Even then our love for you will shower, maybe like the silent wind, or a shower,
Watching your path, sieving your troubles, gazing at our miracle in mystic wonder.
Nothing in this world would take your place in my heart ever,
Nothing in my pocketful of memories will overtake my fate to be your father,
For ever and never.

My Baby in a 4D Scan Image
Cant wait to see you my darling,



Sunday, September 16, 2012

31 Weeks.

Dear little baby,

You are growing and doubling in size in there, arent you? I can feel that from the size of mom's tummy. I have always complained to her that her tummy isn't growing enough and my fears worsened when the doctor said that there was some calcifications in her placenta and that could compromise with your nutrient supply. But she also said that you have the perfect weight and that you are kicking in there just fine. That gave me immense relief. But however the "calcifications" thing was a cause for worry and your granny-ma adviced that a blood volume expander be pushed into your mom's blood so that you dont run out of space in there to play. And ever since that has gone in, her tummy has become a lot bigger. How I love to see your mom like this. She has this glow on her face that I havent seen before. She has become a lot chubbier and cute and I am sure she is going to be one of the most prettiest mom that you and I'd ever know.

Keep growing in there my baby like a good child and dont struggle to come out too soon. Its a nice place out here too, with warm hearts, many people to love and daddy, but also there is no place that is safer than the one your mom has for you. A cosy place, right below her heart. You lucky one!

Love you tons,


30+ Weeks

Dearest Munch-kin,

Howdie pardner! So, its been a while since I have written to you. But I am sure you have nothing to complain because in the absence of these letters I have been talking and singing to you. You've always shown your special attraction to music ever since we could feel your little kicks. You would give a signal to your mommy that you are liking it in there - especially Tamil Film Music - the Dappankuthu. And for the feel of it, your mom would just increase the volume to see your kicks growing stronger and with vigour. And I love to know that you love music too. Your mom as you already know is a gifted singer. As for me, as you know by now, is also a person who wishes were a better singer. How I love to sing - but how I lack the timbre and education in music to pull it off. But let me assure you - when you are out from that cosy place, I'll sing you lullabies to put you off to sleep and I would do it just fine. Trust me.

I have off-late being downloading a lot of songs - all lullabies, the ones I wish to sing to you - now and also when you are right here in my arms. I like the Malayalam lullabies more than the Hindi and English ones. Maybe because I have sung some of them to lil kids I've known as I grew up and maybe more-so because those were the ones my mom sang to me when I was a kid. My daddy, your grandpa, had recorded cassettes of my songs, those that I'd sing when I was only 2. Can you imagine that? Such a brilliant start and what a pathetic journey! Alas. Many parents I know, even many of my generation, want to make their kids engineers and lawyers and doctors and pilots like themselves. I dont ask for any of those. You are our kid and any which thing you'll chose, I know you'll know exactly what you want and we would always be there with you through it. What I ask from God for you is an ability to sing, or maybe atleast play an instrument. The ability to do that one thing I so so much wanted to do in my life. This might sound like loading your shoulders with the hopes and failed personal aspirations that parents put on their children's shoulders from time to time, but trust you me - it is not. It is just a very personal favor that I ask of God. That personal favor which I shall be so blessed to receive through you.

I wonder if you can hear my voice a bit more clearly in there now hun. Your mom says that everytime I touch her tummy or just talk to her, you wake up inside of her. Is it because you love to listen to daddy? Or is it just co-incidence? I like to wish that the former one is true. And its simply because I love you.



Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just Happy.

Back to base after a refreshing and rejuvenating time at my home in Thrissur with my family. Its got bigger and more beautiful with Mira joining into our league. And as for me, I've got bigger too - in my tummy and my memories. Its a quantum shift from being the man-of-the-house to being the elder 'child' in the family. I could just call up/ask dad to get me a burger or a Shawarma whenever he'd go out for getting groceries just like we did when we were kids, or just ask mom to cook me something I really relish, sometimes for breakfast which I'd only do at 10 am. It was all so nice and sublime, something so worth the wait I've waited - thinking and dreaming and planning for the past many months. Sometimes you are so happy in the inside that you cant complain even when it has ended because you know deep inside that you have with you a precious memory - a memory that you are going to treasure for a long time to come. Yes, today, inspite of being back from that abundance of love, I am still happy. Really Happy.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shiju + Mira

And the BIG DAY finally arrived. My brother's Wedding Day. And it happened to be a day when everything just turned out to be perfect. Perfect unfolding of events, perfectly looking couple, perfect food, perfect stage and the perfect weather - RAINS! It hadn't rained that crazy for many days till then. But on that day, it rained, and rained and it never stopped. Its amazing how we still managed to actually have everyone to attend the function on time and manage to make everything roll out according to schedule.

I am attaching a small video of that wonderful day - the last wedding in our small family, of our generation. Happy Viewing!