Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friendship day is here again!

Gosh, here it is again. Friendships day I remember was such a riot back in college. Phew...popularity used to be judged by the number of friendship bands one sported. I used to join the competition too, and it was so much fun having to get friendship bands tied, from even the most indiscreet, talked-to-never person in the college. Because it was all about the numbers. It really did not matter who tied what, but the numbers, yes - thats what it was about.
How things change over a period of time. I hardly remember most of the people who tied those bands to me once, I also dont remember many I tied to. Many to whom I said that this is going to be a bond for ever never talk to me anymore and many who said we are BFF (best friends for ever) have taken different paths, ones that wouldnt ever meet. I dont even know if I missed my chance to know somebody to whom this meant something while they tied it and I also dont know if some very dear friends then still remember how it was to meet up and celebrate friendship on the first Sunday of every August.
Hmmm.. I know I miss some of them. But I am not sure if I would try hard and find out where they were and what they did and how to get to them. I just like to think about them and feel happy about the good times shared. Some of those relationships ended really bad, and it still pains to think of the time we broke the chains. But those were needed then and I cant complain. But at moments like this, I feel a definite palpable void in my life that their absence has made. I somehow just want to know that they all are doing fine out there, somewhere.
Well, hopelessly sentimental I need to stop right here. Happy weekend and Happy frienship day y'all. Have a memorable one.

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