Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My two darling 'B's.

Bambi and Brownie. :)

Stray Dog + Rape + Nightmare.

Oh, this one is funny I tell you. Babi sees the most unbelievable dreams ever.

Lately there is a stray dog in our compound. He has barged into our space from god knows where. He has a collar on his neck, so clearly he was some one's pet at some point in time. We love dogs. Apart from the two we own, we also feed a lot of homeless dogs and fund various 'Home for Homeless Dogs' institutions with whatever little we can.

From what we see of this dog, we know that the owner has thrown him out of the house because he is a clear menace. We tried to tame him, but he really stands no chance. He runs towards everyone barking, litters the place with garbage which he pulls and brings into the compound from a nearby dump and barks all night. What a darling he is, isnt he? To makes things bad, he sleeps below our car and doesnt allow Babi to come near the car. AND, he tries to attack our two pretty "B"s. As if troubling Babi wasnt enough to piss her off, anything coming against our dogs is bullet-target for Babi.

I keep him away by holding a stick. I guess a 6 feet tall dude with a huge stick in his hand is quite scary picture for anyone. Leave alone a dog. So, he stays clear of me.

So, the present situation is:

1. Babi hates and given a chance will kick that stray patchy dog.
2. The stray dog tries to attack our 'girls'.
3. Bambi is in heat! (Our lil one has grown up already @ just 7 months!)

I guess thats one of the main reasons why that dog is charging towards them. Sex on his mind. Hormones. They make you act funny a lot of times.

Now, Babi goes to sleep after cribbing a lot about this dog. And she has a nightmare.

And the nightmare was such.

Somehow the doors of our home and open and Babi is in the kitchen cooking something, cos we have guests coming over home for dinner. Suddenly she hears a lot of commotion from the neighbour's home. Wondering what it is, she walks to the balcony to see them screaming for Babi. She run towards the door to see it open and Brownie and Bambi missing. She runs down, alarmed, scared to death. There in a distance she sees the head of Brownie just head up and body down into a ditch. Babi rushes towards her and sees her badly injured and just hanging in there from what was a well which was very deep. She rescues her and frantically calls for Bambi. And in a distance she sees our Bambi coming towards her limping, blood over her fur and weeping. She had been raped by the stray dog. Babi, crying ran towards her... and just then Babi fell from the bed, attempting to run.

Luckily for her, the nightmare was short-lived because both the 'B's were lying just below the bed and she being on the floor now, they came running towards her and lay next beside her.

Since then Babi hates the dog more. He is accused of trying to rape our Bambi. And now Babi will leave no stone unturned to get him out of this place. For good.

(I am dead if Babi reads this. But, so much for that nightmare.)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bindiya weds Subin.

And finally, my sister in law is happily married. And we are so happy for her cos she has got the most caring dude as her husband. Subin. He is a darling in every sense of the word and takes care of her in a way we all wished someone would. It was really emotional to see her going away as a missus into an other home, cos all this while she was the little one in the family, and suddenly she is the wife to someone and soon to take over the control of their own home on Texas. How time flies. I still remember sitting in front of the computer for hours at a stretch to search online for a good match for her. And I am so so glad that I found one in Subin, cos she so deserved a nice chap.
Anyways, that's all pages of the past. What is new and still fresh is the wonderful wedding the couple had. Had a great time organizing and attending the wedding. Everything was just perfect. Just like the couple. Here are a few pics of the beautiful couple.

And then, there was us too. :)

Wish you a happy married life my darlings. God bless.

Old love. Newly found.

I love photography.

I love to click and love to be clicked.

And for the same reason, its awesome to be spending time with someone who enjoys the same too. I am talking about my friend Deepu who has clicked some amazing pictures of Babi and me. Some which is still in the pipeline and some that I have now. I am uploading a few here.

What fun it is to pose. And what bliss to see that its come out well. :)

Shall upload few of the shots I have clicked in a while.. Till then here is some of me. :)

Deepu - The Man.

Many of the people I know already know Deepu. A fantastic friend, a great dude. People who came in late might not know that he is also a very very talented photographer. His works speaks for himself and like they say, when talent meets opportunity - its definitely a success story. Like in his case.
Its a wonderful thing to see your childhood buddy.. whom you have seen growing up with you from kindergarten doing so well in life and also enjoying every bit of it. More to it comes when you hear people talk about him, about his talent, and about being lucky having to know him personally. I had all of that, and Deepu, know this much that we all are really proud of you and all that work that you are doing. Alright, with that, meet Deepu.

So anybody who wants to see what they want to see on video or still, this is the guy. He is the one.

He lies hidden here : http://www.facebook.com/emouvoir

Blank. Neglect.

I feel horrible that I have been avoiding writing here on my space for sometime now. Its really annoying to me. Because there are so many things I want to talk about. There are so many thing I want you to know, some which I want to share with you, some that I like to discuss about, and many more that I would just like to write and fill in my pocket of memories. Written. Preserved. But I am not getting the time for any of that. Its not sheer laziness like that times earlier. Its really getting busy out here for me. Want some release. Pronto.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Self Portrait.

Every time we make a photograph of someone or some thing, we’re also making a portrait of ourselves. The old saying goes something like this…

“The camera looks both ways…”

Every photograph we make says something about us as people and as artists. Even if we don’t show in the reflection of the image as I do in the above photograph, our heart and soul and everything that makes us – US – shows up one way or another.

It can be as simple as a smile. If you are making portraits and you get behind the camera and greet your subject with a great, big, infectious smile, chances are your subject will also smile. But the inverse is also true. If you’re in a sour mood, complaining, frowning, dollars to donuts you’ll have a harder time getting your subject to look happy.

Everything we bring to a photograph is tied to who we are as photographers and human beings. The masters have learned this and have come to grips with being true to themselves. They don’t make pictures that reflect who they think they should be. They make pictures that reflect who they are. They let themselves show in the images they make. Not visually, but in other more ethereal ways.

In each photograph you display or print or share with someone else, you are leaving some of yourself behind. This begs the question? How do you want to be remembered?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Inner Peace

I am in love with the term Inner-Peace. I give full due credit to whoever coined that term in Kung Fu Panda.
I am going to work on getting some myself today. Going to indulge in some self-love, self pamper. Really, how many times do we all actually give time to ourselves? When was the last time you took yourself out for your favorite food, wore your favorite clothes, bought the DVDs you like and call everyone you care about and tell them so. Not too often atleast no? I think, to love someone really deep, you must also have a part in your heart that loves you. That cares for your hearts whispers. I want to be clear that I am not suggesting that you do what some foolish myth says “Give ’til it hurts!” That’s the most absurd thing when you really think about it. Giving feels good. When it stops feeling good, it is time to re-evaluate the relationship with yourself and with the other person.
Some folks have been taught to believe that if you just dig deeper, go further and push through resentment you’ll somehow be a better person. That leads to deep-seated anger which won’t stay hidden forever. We give love because we want to. Simple as that. Sure, sometimes, we have to do a few mental gymnastics to remind ourselves of the principles we choose to live from in this moment. It doesn’t always come completely naturally. We may have to undo a few ‘gifts’ from the past to embrace our possible now.
Sometimes in everyday life you just go on and do the same thing again and again - and just give, never getting anything back in return. Time to change things a bit now. Go. And indulge. Enjoy. Relax. Love. Find your inner peace. Its totally worth it.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday + Some fun.

So Sunday wasnt too bad. Did not use a moment to get bored. Did two paintings. Used two different styles. And here we are. Hope you like it.
Went to see Kung Fu Panda with buddies. Super awesome movie. Inner Voice - that nailed it. Loved it. Go and watch it!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Art and Isolation

Yeah, so Mrs B. is having a great time back at her place and I am left here all alone, with the dogs ofcourse. Wonder what I would have done without these two canines. But to be frank, with or without them, I miss her.
Sitting and sulking the whole day wasnt an option for me. So, I opened by boxes in the garage, and picked out my painting kit. Its a passion I had to let go. Work. Deadlines. And since I have all the time in the world now, I wanted that release. And helps me to relive my passion and it is such a breather + I dont feel lonely.
Now when I started painting, I realised that my hand isnt flexible anymore. It would maneuver the way I wanted to once and not any more. Lack of practice. And that was quite a shocker. But a shot at it, and the above painting is where we ended. Quite weird. Yet one.
But since I am here, I am here to stay a bit more longer. So more and better ones are in the pipeline. Hang on in there.

Friday, June 3, 2011

To Love.

Those little things that we always took for granted, becomes something we would give anything for when we stop getting them. So lets be thankful for that pocketful of meaningful pleasures we receive everyday, because they who put their thoughts in it loves us in a way we can never imagine. So, here's to love. Have a lovely day ya'all.