Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Blues

Not, the blues as such. But more that summery blue which some days fills up your entire head and sweats you down to your toes. It's not sadness, but rather, it's reflection. It's a little weary at times, but nothing a good book and a chilly cocktail cannot remedy...

I cannot express how sorry I am for being so quiet here of late. I'm sort of here, but not really - reading blogs like a lurker - not commenting, just absorbing... Not giving back to my faithful friends for their efforts and heartfelt accounts of life and living. But I shall no more be this way.

I feel this summer has thrown me into a world of unknowns, some exciting, and some a little frightening. Or all a little of both.

One thing I can assure myself and you of, is that I am growing. I am challenging myself to be braver and bolder than ever. I may feel a little cocooned at present, but I am nearly ready for blooming.

Like the wintery twigs,
which seem lifeless and still,
inside are growing,
and plotting pink blossoms
for the spring.