Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet Mr. Awesome

The first thing you cant miss after having even the minuest conversation with the para-commando Lt. Sharyfsinh Bhonsle is his liberal use of the word awesome in all its attributes. Awesome, awesomeness, super awesome – all of it. But the more you get to know him, you realise that he actually lives upto his self-declared image of being uber awesome and you cant help admit that this boy from aamchi Pune is indeed a force to reckon with. The only son to a real estate enterpreneur father and an air hostess mother, Sharyf has all the qualities that makes him stand out, even without him trying. Having passed out from RIMC with flying colours, this lad went on to be the runners up in Mr. NDA and also the Best sportsman of that year. Story repeated in IMA and he became the only cadet ever to win the title of Best sportsman in NDA and IMA. He also was adjudjed Mr. IMA. For some people winning is a way of life and Sharyf stands tall by doing things just right by doing perfectly well in all his courses and also bagging the Best All Rounder trophy in the Commando Training in Belgaum. When asked about how it felt, he says, “I’ve been lucky – thats it.” With a massively swollen leg because of an absess, running a 40km and coming in excellent is something that only the direct descentants of Maharaja Shivaji Bhonsle could do, which by the way he is. Smart, dashing and confident Jr. Bhonsle is also endowed with the gift of the gab. Living life “josh types”and taking life in fourth gear, one can only wish that the exuberence he exudes infects all those he interacts with and that life hereon for him is riddled with all those things in which happiness lies.

Vital Statistics :
DOB: 11 Jan 1988
Favourite color: Black
Favourite movie: Blood Diamond
Favourite sexual position: ****(On request)
Favourite passtime: Facebook
Favourite book: Catch 22
Ambition: To do as much as I can.
Quote: There is no problem so big that cant be run away from. (By – he doesn’t recall)
Love to me is: Something only some get to feel and something some think they know.
Biggest asset: My sense of humour and my free spirit.


  1. hahahahaha good one Shibu. you could be a better wingman than the Ted Mosby himself.

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  3. Hi doc, i liked your blog,especially,because i was lucky to meet scha too, even though it was only for a few days. Recently found out hes not on fb anymore, and googled to find a lot of shocking stuff (!!?) Could you let us know where he is,or if he can be contacted? Im sure friends like me would love to know.

    If not, thanks for the read! He really was a unique one aye !