Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dispelling Darkness.

My Bedroom Window

I was lying on my couch
Lazy in my head, tired in both legs
Sleepy in my eye, drowzy I was oh my!
Deadlines on the wall, pissed at subjects all
Tossing with hesitation, all I wanted was some motivation!

As if someone heard my mind,
Something happened that removed my blinds,
The sun broke its way through the curtains in might,
And put an end to the doubt and dark of the night.
How it dispelled the darkness and brought light
This was just the inspiration, the one I needed to ignite.

So much we can learn from Mother Nature just by keeping our senses open.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fantastic Four

Pictorial notes on an outing with Babi's dad and sis. We had a great time. And it was fun to eat, eat and EAT. Nothing is more fun than eating. Atleast for me.

Salt N Pepper - Malayalam Movie (2011)

Nothing has made me laugh so much than this scene from Salt n Pepper. Awesome awesome!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello Goa!

While coming back from Belgaum, to Trivandrum - to home, my friend Sayan and I had a small transit through Goa.

We were there for nearly 4 hours. And we walked the streets in the sun. We ate the most lovely breakfast from Longuinos. Sausages, ham, cheese omlettes, crispy brown bread toasts, and drank lots of peach ice tea.
Its always wonderful to have conversations with Sayan. He'll always have some information to share. Like this time when he told me how sausages can be home-made. He told me how the casings of the sausages are derived from the intestinal tract of farmed animals and how the filling was made from ground meat and often salt, herbs, and spices. He told me how his mom cooks the best sausages he has tasted, and has promised to get Babi and me some when he comes back from home.
Then we went to a store that sold Goan Port Wine and I got a lot of that packed. Few for us and the remaining for our friends here. I like the sweet taste of port wine. And its smell is so deep. Then we hit Natural Icecreams. Naturals has some of the best ice-creams. I specially like the tender coconut, fresh chickoo and custard-apple flavors. How they derived their flavors from fruits. Amazing. And then, full in the tummy, we headed back to resume our journey. Happy. Full.

And I couldnt wait to reach back home. I just could not!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Surprise with Samsung!

My wife is a new entry into the world of Samsung Galaxy and its got her addicted. Well, the better way to put it would be ADDICTED. Its made her happy, and nothing tops the charts for me than to see her smile. Well, thats it for now. Smile you all. Its contagious.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mystic Moonshine

In the last night here I sat and looked at the skies above, 
It is here that I spend many a night, alone, cold and away from love. 
I watched the moon, how alone he would stay awake, 
Shining, shimmering, never complaining, till the dawn would wake. 

I wonder how it would be to be like the moon, 
Alone, cold, but still with a radiance so bold. 
The clouds came and tried to kill the praise, 
But how he would not give reason for disgrace, 
Still shining bright, yet ever so alone in the night. 

How we glorify the sun for its endless radiance, 
And how we forget about the silver blanket, for not just once. 
Yet, there he stands – in beauty, in duty, in perfect balance, 
With an enigmatic mystery that would never change.

Happiness. Smiles.

So, after nearly a month of separation I am going to head home today. I cant even tell you how much happiness floods my heart at this time. Getting to meet and spend time with my 3 'B's that I have missed so much. To soak in the warmth of my home. To eat the lovely food that my wife would cook. To play with my most lovely doggies. To have fun-times with my sister-in-law. To watch my father-in-law getting better. To have my mobiles working at all time, and enjoying an uninterrupted network. To go catch up with some movies in the movie-hall. To meet friends. To study (well, thats not really what tops the chart presently!). All this, and much much more.

Everyday I would take out my diary and scribble so many things in my TO DO list. Things I need to do once I get home. And when the list would explode, I would tear it away and begin all over again, adding new ones and subtracting the ones that have been side-lined with ones that take more priority. The sheer joy in planning all this. Aaaaah. And to be getting the chance to execute all this in about 3 days. This is bliss!! 

Moreover, when I head home, I am going to ask for the remaining bunch of leave I have accumulated. And when it comes through - well, I guess - Its PARTY-TIME!!! :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Non-artistically Artistic.

So, I have realised that I enjoy my ball-point pen scribbles now. Dont we all scribble something on the paper at some point of time. Sometimes we do it when we are bored, sometimes when we talk on the phone, sometimes while we are in some class. We all do it. Quite often. And havent there been times when you look at what you have done and gasp to yourself - "MY! That isnt bad at all."

Its been the same for me. When the shapes started taking decent shapes, I took more time for it, just out of sheer interest now. And today, I love doing it. My friends say that my art has a uniqueness to it and it makes me happy.

A shot at it atleast, isnt it?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

4 a.m. Sunday.

Sitting in my shack and sipping hot cocoa while looking at the rains - it was magical. Washed away all the blues and geared me for a fresh new start. Refreshed. Rejuvenated.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lucky and Nasty.

Lately I have got the opportunity to meet so many pathetic people in many walks of life. Some I could avoid, but many I had to and will have to endure. And there are many like me who suffer these organisms which are not even close to being human. I was thinking to myself - who could possibly love them? Who would put up with this big bag of shit? I guess that is exactly where FAMILY comes into the picture, because I doubt if they have even a single friend. Family sticks by you no matter how dirty you are, no matter how dumb you are and how much you hurt them. They would still find a reason to love you and hang on in there for you. Haven't we heard the phrase - "that's a face only a mother can love". Your own family will be there for you inspite of all your short-comings. If it wasn't for their families, left to us, we should have beaten the living day-lights of them. Period. Morons.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Poem It Was - The Sunny Sunday.

I walked the roads that circle the falls,
It was Sunday and it seemed to have nothing in store but some beautiful rainfall.
Just as I would think the road ends, it took a turn,
And threw me into a realm that I miss to return.

Beautiful water-laden skies, and the air so cool,
I saw lilies on the banks and also kingfishers diving into the water pool.
I saw little flowers with hues many,
And also a lark, that sang a song - oh so pretty.

The old temple that still treasures the divine,
The tree that hasnt moved since more than decades nine.
The soaking mist that the falls blew,
The peace, that made me think of you.

The hanging bridge that connected the two sides,
And the strength it has to allow people cross a thousand times.
All that and many more just in a day,
Why wouldn't I call it - a perfectly beautiful Sunday.

Rain, Train, Complaints.

Yeah, so I was travelling on work from Trivandrum to Belgaum. In train. The view from the window was breathtaking. The Western Ghats look magnificent in the rain. And it was heavy downpour all the time, and at some point it seemed to me as if we were dancing in the train at an imaginary level. What a poetic atmosphere it was. It almost left me in a trans - so enchanted in this pristine creation of God.
Just when I was neck deep in it, the sirens told me that I had reached my destination and there I was standing with all my luggage at the Margaon railway station.
Landing here was like waking up from a dream. Dark, un-attractive reality blared loud. Before I talk any further, I am going to upload a couple of pictures, to keep you in perspective.

What do I say - is there any extend to the amount of work we need to do before we are even close to something we call neat and hygienic? In what way have you contributed to make sure our waiting stations are clean? Is this what we want for ourselves? I leave you with this thought.