Tuesday, November 29, 2011

With pain and fond memories.

Babi and Me just before leaving our home

Signing the Dining-Out book.

And so I was dined out officially out of the unit I’d served for more than a year. It was quite an emotional moment for my wife and me. So many memories we have collected here. And all beautiful and all that gives a happy spot in the mind for memory to rest. It feels real bad to know that none of this is going to be there anymore. I’d never get a chance to work with this team ever in my life again. And never would I command a group of such faithful men, the Gorkhas!

This unit will always be missed and we will always pray for the unit to achieve greater glory anywhere it goes and in anything it does. Jai Gorakh!

When Heart Bleeds - II

There were a few readers who got back to me and asked me how Neetu was after reading the entry When Heart Bleeds.

Well, I dont know where to begin. There is bad news. Neetu, after fighting a brave battle with her illness succumbed to it on the 12th day. She came into consciousness a day prior to going away for ever where she asked her sister to take care of her parents. She told her parents to never grieve over her absence. And just before she could talk anything further, she got an other massive seizure.

When I hear this, I feel that she knew that she was going to die and this was her last conversation with her loved ones. And as if God had timed her rendezvous with consciousness, she was pulled back into coma. Her parents, her sister, her students and the villagers miss her to this day. She's become the synonym to bravery to many and the ideal daughter to the others.

As for me, I miss her too. I havent met her, talked to her, nothing. But so much I've known about her that I wanted to meet her in person so much. I wanted to hear from her dad that she has come out of her misery and is fine and hearty. I wanted to see her live life like the way every girl her age deserved to. I miss the chance to have seen her through all that. But somewhere in my heart I am also glad to know that she isnt suffering, fighting for life.

God bless her soul. And her family. 

When Shiju met Mira.

Mira and Shiju
Happiness was palpable on the faces of these two people when they met each other face to face. Flying down all the way barely for a week from Bahrain was something I couldn't have imagined him doing for anyone but her. All all this from a person who said he would never ever get married. He often gave himself descriptions like "chronic bachelor" or "always single" and many times I seriously thought that he would always stay bachelor. But I think when the stars are aligned and you meet 'that' person, you know you want to be with them for the rest of your life. That's clearly what happened in his case and I am glad that it did and the person who he'd do it for is her. Mira.

You should have been there to see the blushing and the tension on both their faces. Mira looked stunning in a dark blue sari and Shiju was dressed in formal wear. And to see them both together was stunning to say the least. Once they both officially declared their interest in the proposal, we took Mira out for lunch and we had a great time. There was fun, laughter, happiness, wonderful food and genuine bonding. Everything just the way we had wanted it to be. Something so worth all the pain I had to go through to be there just to attend this event, all the way from Rajasthan. All this effort to see that smile on my brothers face and my SIL-to-be's face. Something I know I never wanted to miss, and something I know I will cherish for all my life. The day my brother met his companion for life.

All I can say is I cant wait to see them as a married couple and go through all that ups and downs and tread all those paths in which happiness lies. God bless you darlings! Hugs and kisses.

Meet the awesome Miss. Mira

For all those who came in late, here is a fabulous news – My little brother is going to get engaged soon. Feb 12th. And we couldn’t find a better match to him than this stunning girl – Mira.

Mira is an engineer by profession and hails from Ernakulam. She happens to be the best buddy of a distant relative of ours through whom we got to know that there lives miles away a beautiful girl whom we could consider to bring home as my brother’s bride. Girls can go on and on when they talk about their close friends, and that’s exactly what I thought when Aathi was describing her – with all the superlatives that one could imagine. Could she actually be this sweet, I wondered?

Fast forward to today and now we know Mira as if we’ve known her for ages. She’s down to earth, pretty, simple and elegant, got an amazing sense of humour, would always be smiling, terrific in cooking, singer, dancer, very friendly, easy to talk to, and above all else – totally and absolutely in love with Shiju. Well, what else can I say- we got the best we could ask for.

I think its a sibling  thing – you want your brother to get the best of everything. Well, I just feel  the same too. And with her coming into our lives – I couldn’t be more happier about our fate and for him. He thus joins the brigade of happily married men in sometime and what better than getting married to someone who loves you back just the way you do!

While the engagement and wedding preparations are already on, I don’t miss the chance to be grateful to the Almighty for the turn of events in our lives. It could have been anyone, but thank God its her! Our very own Miss. Mira.