Thursday, January 31, 2013


One phrase that is so often misused in normal day-to-day parlance is “Don’t you trust me?”

So I am forced to accept as true that anyone who uses it might be influenced beyond doubt what it means. With that objective I asked many of my friends what ‘trust’ means to them. Says Ankush, 26, “Trust is when someone will not betray you”. Sunil, 33, thinks - “Trust is something between a husband and wife”. Rohit, 22, on the other hand feels that Trust is the “ability to trust someone fully”.  The more I probed the more characterizations I got for the same word and I am persuaded that Trust is a very subjective word.

That brings to the forefront the question – What does the word TRUST really mean?

Well, like all above, trust has always meant different things to me depending on the situation, for a long time. Suffices to say, it did and not anymore. For me, trust is about empowering a person. That total and complete submission of your inner-core to that one person whom you know will never go easy on you. That unflinching understanding that can effortlessly withstand the shock of time and person. That unconditional faith that no one can poison you against. That is trust to me. It’s the same trust that would not make one believe anything against that person, no matter how convincing it might sound, chock-full with occurrences and examples and references. It’s the same trust that can empower you to stand up for your friend/family/lover. It’s the same trust that makes one’s life beautiful, meaningful and worth living for. It’s the same trust that sees us blooming through every single day. It’s that trust that we share, that we know is the most sacred. That is the golden thread that makes the fabric of trust in my heart.

And if I know you trust me, I’ll do anything to give the same and more back,
 and if you break mine, I won’t throw stones or stab with words,
I will just walk away – never, ever to turn back.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

About the perfect brother and sister.

I wonder if you have read about what Babi and I had written about our siblings before we got married.
If no, or yes - but with a muffled memory, click here : Babitha & Shibu - Wedding Website.

Well, my point (apart from showing off our potential in making that beautiful site, in a time when these kind of facilities were new and scarce) is that we truly are blessed.

We found love, understanding and support in these two characters. In a world where everything is tainted and tarnished, we have with us these two siblings who can call a spade a spade and yet be with us through all the highs and lows that life has to offer.

Sometimes I have this overwhelming feeling thinking about the many affectionate things they both have done individually or with their spouses to bring a big smile on our faces yet every time I sit down to document that, it fizzes away like champagne bubbles. Not because I forget about it, but as I recap those events, every single event is like a happy movie - running down in front my eyes and I lose the mood to write.

So, I just want to put into record that Babi and I are the most luckiest and happiest to have the bestEST siblings that one could wish for in the whole wide world. And thank you both of you, for being the perfect examples for what a brother or sister should really be, and being our life-long support and entertainment network. And most importantly  for being there. Even when the whole world have turned their backs. Always, and every time.

Hugs, kisses and love.

Monday, January 28, 2013

When words cant express.

Yesterday, there was a guest in our tent. My tent-mate, Mohit’s batch mate he was. While we caught up on various things, we touched the topic- family. Suddenly, my tentie (Def: If room-mate is roomie, then tent-mate is tentie, no?) confessed something that makes me write today. He said – “after I read sir’s blog, I want to have babies too. And that coming from me – from someone who wants to delay that as much as possible.”

I responded – “it is one of the best things that happened to me and I am sure it’ll be the same for you.” And then I realised that it gives no justice to what I actually wanted to convey.

When I count the priceless blessings in my life, there is a special place that my family consumes. And that also happens to be the major part of the pie. My wife, my parents, my brother, my in-laws, my son, my pets, my friends, and every bit of each one of them.

If my words can bring this influence to someone who has read it, I can’t imagine how transformed he would be after he has a glimpse of what I truly feel and what goes on inside my head and heart in relation to things I have written, and that I yet have to. Sometimes, many times ,words fail to fully express what we actually feel. Words cannot fully live up to narrate the moment that we lived or the feeling we are living. And we write, and re-write and think and feel helpless fishing for that one word that can fully explain our state. That word which could put detail to our “flung into the heavens” kind of feeling.

But sometimes, I think, it is also important to just feel all that in that secret place inside of you. Protected. Treasured. Pampered. Because that pocketful of feelings is what is yours and will always be – till the end of time, even after you can talk or write no more. That feeling that is yours and that which you can’t explain – sigh!

(PS: And it is with reason why I call Babi my heart-keeper. Because to her I don’t need to write or tell any of the matters of the heart. She just knows. And she knows it all.)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hello there!!

Hi everyone.

Its been a long break for me. Been busy with a million things. But all amazing and totally worth it. These last days I got to spend with my son - the BEST in the world.

So many news to share - shall do all that, maybe back-dated. And thanks for writing and asking about new posts. It was great to read.

For that one question somebody (anonymous) send "Don't see any more posts? Has life ended post-parenting?". Well, here is your answer - I think my life has just begun.

Will be writing soon, about all that I missed telling all of you, starting today.

Love and luck,