Friday, March 18, 2011

My Favorite Douche of 'Em All.

It's true. There is one douche out there that I absolutely adore. Well, maybe not adore, but he sure makes me laugh, and I love cathing up with him week after week. So, what d-bag has captured my space? It's Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. He may be the ultimate womanizer (one episode centers on his accomplishment(?) of sleeping with 200 women), but every now and then, he does show a shred of human decency and having a heart.

And there's no denying just how quotable he is! See for yourself in the video below! And credit must be given to Neil Patrick Harris for playing one of my favorite TV characters of ALL. TIME. He WILL win an emmy for this role soon. I demand it!!

Barney is, though, the ultimate douche. He follows Bro Code (and apparently published a book about it!). He has a playbook filled with ploys and scams just to get laid. And we've only seen him have one legitimate relationship on the six seasons of the show. And he's all about the fist bump - just one more douche-tastic quality to add to the list.

As much as you should hate him and feel disgusted by his man-whoring ways, it's impossible. And I often find myself quoting him. True story.

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