Sunday, April 29, 2012

14 weeks.

Dear hun,
Today your mom and I talked a lot about how your coming into our lives has changed it fully. And its been so overwhelming that I cant really imagine how it would be when you are out of your cozy abode into the world. Your mom often tells me - "you have no idea what I am going through in here.." everytime I ask her why she would throw a fit of tantrum/mood-swing for no reason or why she wouldn't consent to go to the movies in the night (something which we religiously have done before). Sometimes I wonder - is that such a big deal? Then I think - I only am 'imagining' how you are growing there in fantastic pace, but she is actually helping you do that. And trust me hunie, it really wares out your mom. But when she thinks of the outcome in a few months, she soldiers on - bravely - just like the army wife that she is. Your mom really loves you hun. And she's given up a great deal to just have you. I will tell you all that in due time but for now I hope that you enjoyed the wonderful meal mom has had. I am sure you are relishing those extra calories your mom is having just for you. Mommy says that I should not be singing old hindi and malayalam songs for you. Why would you not like those songs just cos she doesn't right? Maybe you would share my tastes for music. But your mom sings so beautifully well, and mine, well, you know by now! ;) Btw, do you actually hear me singing for you? Do you like it? Well, what choice do you have right? Maybe when you are a little bigger than now, you could give some signals to your mom and I would take it as a clue. But there is a great chance that I would interpret the signals the way I would imagine and not your mom. So well hunie, you're kinda stuck with nowhere to run. Just hang in there and enjoy the music. ;~)

Your beautiful mommy..

Mommy & Daddy.

13 weeks plus.

Ultrasound at 12 weeks
Dearest lil hun,

You are growing at a very fast pace now. The last time your mom and I saw you, you were just the size of a peanut. All we could see then was some dark and light images with a small little heart beating inside. You have no idea how much that one sight set our hearts racing. Your mom wasn't really sure till then that you were there inside of her - growing to be our first baby.

Now you have your tiny legs and hands to play with. When we were seeing you, you were busy playing in the shelter your mom has given you that you did not allow the doctor to measure your heart rate. He said, "you have an active baby there", but what I think he meant was - you have a very naughty baby there.

Daddy cant wait to see you lil hun. I feel jealous of mom that she gets to keep you for nine months all for her self close to her heart. But I promise you my baby that once you are out from there into my hands, I'll always keep you close to my chest and keep you warm - sheltered in love.

You are our first baby and we cant wait to have you out into our world. You have the most loveliest mom in the world and she will love you in a way that you can never imagine. She's a fountain of love that'll never dry. And as for me - I'll try and be a good dad too.

The doctor says that to see you next, we have to wait for another two months and by then mom will be 6 months pregnant with you. Then we'll know if you are a princess or a prince. Whatever you are already, we will love you the best way we can.

So sleep now my baby and grow fast and safe, cos daddy cant wait to hold you in his arms.