Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The rotten apple.

Sometimes you might be part of the best team, but that one bad apple (read as ass-hole) can spoil the entire fun.

Like today for instance. I so much want to take his name and feel happy to hear from all the people whom he has ever met or interacted with ever in his lifetime that he has always been one jerk, but I just dont want to be so rude and personal. Doing that might bring me closer to his way of operation and thinking - that which I am not.

But it is beyond me to just sit there and watch them spilling poison and watching it mess peoples lives. But it is also not a great idea to make this affect my own life and feel miserable. No? Yes? I dont know.

But one thing that's true - I am truly so damn pissed!!


  1. we want to hear about how parenting has been :-(