Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fear to love? Just love.

What is the biggest fear in love?

It is the fear of the same love not being regarded or returned. That doubt? The insecurity?

The moment this creeps into the mind then every action is a query, every reaction a test. That constant fight between - he/she loves me (or) he/she doesn't care/takes me for granted.

In the whole frame, what we miss out is our chance to fully love somebody and at the same time, be fully worthy of the love we deserve from that person.

Yes, there are traitors, and the evil ones, but most often than not, we usually end up killing our own relationships. I feel doubt is like a tumor. You either remove it, or it kills you.

So its up to you to choose your audience in the arena of love, and choose to love them as long as they last there. Life then turns out to be easy. And beautiful. And real.

Just love. Its that simple.

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